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Headaches & Neck Pain

Rid Yourself of the Pain Naturally


Dealing with headaches and tight neck pain is disruptive to your everyday life. Whether you are experiencing a dull ache that goes down the neck, throbbing tension headaches, or migraines, their effects can leave you missing out on social functions and spending less time doing what you love.

Our headache program focuses on using gentle methods using low-force adjustment chiropractic instruments to correct spinal misalignment and help eliminate your pain. Each program is customized and designed to fit your  needs.

Our program helps relieve:

  • Sensitivity to Light & Sounds

  • Dull or Throbbing Pain

  • Neck & Shoulder Tension

  • Loss of Balance

  • Headache Related Nausea & More

Don't live with the constant pain of chronic headaches. Set up an appointment with Dr. Palkowski below and get yourself back to feeling your best. Fill out the form below to request your consultation.

Get Natural Relief for Your Headaches

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