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  • debbie
    Debbie Dano

    Debbie Dano, our office manager since 2020, completed her MA degree in 2013. She joined FTMC in September 2016 and has worked every position in the practice, including four years as the Rehab Tech. She enjoys working with patients and treats them like family. She is always ready to help where needed and ready to lend a helping hand or a shoulder to lean on.

    Debbie has lived in the Beavercreek area for 20+ years with her husband, Jim, and their two boys. She enjoys spending time with family and friends and traveling with her husband.

  • Lizz Gibson

    Lizz Gibson, our front desk gal, joined the team in June 2021. She graduated from UD with her Bachelors in Education in December of that year. She’s been working in customer services for over 10 years, despite her young appearance. She’s always willing to help out patients when she can, whether that’s helping them get into the building or by moving their appointments. Every one of our patients is family to her, partly because she has many members of her family who see Dr. Greg. During the school year, Lizz also helps out a local daycare by driving one of their buses. She wants to be able to utilize her degree, but has no desire to jump into the field of education right now.

    While Lizz grew up in the Beavercreek, she no longer lives in town. Earlier in 2023, Lizz and her newly married husband moved to West Chester, and while it is a drive to come up here, she enjoys the drive, and loves helping people.

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